Agents of SHIELD Season 3 – Clark Gregg hints at Malick showdown

The third season of “Agents of SHIELD” is coming up on ABC starting on Tuesday night, and of course there are many key storylines that will be touched on, from the further formation of the Secret Warriors to seeing whether or not Phil Coulson is ready to take down Malick. The truth here is that he’s not aware of Hive as of yet, and there’s not much that he can to do contend with something that is, at least in his head, invisible.

In speaking more on what could be coming up in terms of the Malick battle in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Clark Gregg passed along the following message:

“Definitely he sees Malick as the final point in terms of the chain of responsibility for her death,” Gregg says. “I don’t think he’s going to sleep at night until that circle has been closed. That said, I think the person he really held most responsible was Ward. As big of problem as Malick is, that he’s as powerful and formidable an über-Hydra goon as Alexander Pierce [Robert Redford] from Winter Soldier, just when you think that you’ve cut off all the Hydra heads, the biggest, nastiest one seems to pop up, and that’s before he even knows what handsome Grant Ward is about to show up as.”