Agents of SHIELD Season 4 – A ghost story

We’re not too far away from the fourth season of “Agents of SHIELD” airing on ABC, and of course it’s looking more and more like there are a wide array of interesting storylines that are going to unfold.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons to be excited is the presence of Robby Reyes a.k.a. the show’s version of Ghost Rider, and while it is not entirely clear as to how this character will fit in with the rest of the series, it definitely doesn’t seem like the show is making you wait to see him.

According to a new report coming in right now from SpoilerTV, “The Ghost” is the title for the upcoming premiere, which of course feels almost directly like a reference to the famous comic character. Then again, you could also relate it to the struggle of a certain Daisy Johnson, who is going to continue to be spending some of her days now on the ruin as her own version of a vigilante, not wanting to spend much time directly around the members of SHIELD. In turn, Coulson is going to be out there on the hunt for her.