Agents of SHIELD Season 4 – What’s next for Fitz and Simmons?

The fourth season of “Agents of SHIELD” is going to be coming to ABC a little bit later this fall, and while we hope that there are some happy times ahead for Fitz and Simmons, the reality is that within this world, you have to anticipate a certain degree of hardship. If that wasn’t happening in some form, you’d have to question if you were even watching the same show.

So let’s start with the good news: When the series picks up, you will see the two of them together! This is something that executive producer Jed Whedon confirms in a chat with Entertainment Weekly:

“Fitz and Simmons are in a relationship now, so we’re going to play with that dynamic and what’s it like to work with the person that you’re in love with.”

So what could cause them some problems aside from the sort of trouble that comes with having a work relationship and also one away from it? Well, it could be the changing rules brought on by the presence of a new Director. Fellow EP Maurissa Tancharoen chimes in with the following:

“This new director may come with new policy changes, new rules … Simmons being someone who’s good at following the rules may cause some tension with the rest of our team.”

  • lou cass

    One of them gets the axe. My guess is Simmons. Fitz has more range.