American Horror Story: May Have To Go On Without Jessica Lange For Good

While Jessica Lange had a magnificent four seasons or so on “American Horror Story,” the reality here seems to be that the acclaimed actress does not seem to have a whole lot of interest when it comes to turning it into five. She did not appear on “American Horror Story: Hotel” this past season, and based on what she said to Charlie Rose in a recent interview, she seems to be done with the franchise which gave her so much new attention and acclaim:

“No, I think, you know, I had four years with that. Four seasons. And each year was a marvelous character. Everything changed from one year to another, which made it very interesting for me. But, no, I think sometimes you come to the end of something…”

One of the smart things for Lange about when she departed is that clearly, she left the people wanting more. It’d be great if there was some more of her on the franchise, but in leaving when she did, she never wore out her welcome.