American Horror Story Season 6 – Theme Rumors & New Characters Names

Leaked Call Sheet Supposedly revealing new characters names.
Thanks to Matthew Murdock for sending these in. Please remember nothing is confirmed yet.

– *Sarah Paulson* as Daniella Danvers
– *Angela Bassett* as Carmen
– *Evan Peters* as Jason Shields
– *Lady Gaga* as Arabella Danvers
– *Kathy Bates* as Rosemary Danvers
– *Denis O’Hare* as Cuthbert Grange
– *Matt Bomer* as Seth Ashford
– *Jamie Brewer* as Sandrine
– *Jessica Belkin* as Tamara Travers
– *Estella Warren* as Nathalia Long
– *Robert Buckley* as Freddie Drake
– *Jeffrey DeMunn* as Foul Thing

One of the scenes also describes Arabella (Gaga) and Rosemary (Kathy) arguing on the deciduous trail.

Is AHS’ new theme, The Mist? Share your theories below in the comments.

Out of the Hotel and into The Mist. A couple of media slip-ups from this week may have just spilled the beans on what the theme of American Horror Story season 6 is going to be.

AHS titled revealed in TV Guide? This is in their schedule in the latest issue.

Earlier this week, fans noticed that Rotten Tomatoes had listed the new season of Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology series as American Horror Story: The Mist, a subtitle which has since been redacted from the site. This stirred up come rumors among fans, but the flames were fanned even more when a Reddit user pointed out that the recent TV Guide also lists the upcoming season asAmerican Horror Story: The Mist.

So which of the teasers is actually telling us the theme? Interstingly enough, one of the short clips that was released in mid-August is actually titled “The Mist,” leading fans to guess that it’s the most accurate depiction of theme, following the leaks from Rotten Tomatoes and TV Guide.

FX did not immediately reply to EW’s request for a comment.

Source: Entertainment Weekly