Arrow Interview – Emily Bett Rickards Chats About Felicity Smoak Changing Her Life

EM: The “Olicity” fandom is in full-force on the Internet and they are some of the most dedicated fans. How has the fan response been for you?

Rickards: “Olicity” is unlike anything we could’ve expected to be honest and we are so grateful for it. I didn’t even know what a ship was before people were yelling “Olicity” on my Twitter with a whole bunch of crying emoji’s. I was like, ‘What is going on? What is this ‘Olicity?’ Then my friend Carina [MacKenzie] was like, ‘That’s you and Stephen’s characters!’ I had no idea! It has become such a huge part of the culture that surrounds our show and we are grateful for it, obviously. We hope that we can keep going and make “Olicity” interesting, which is something Stephen and I talk about and I’m sure the writers and everyone talk about. We want to keep it real. In a world where we have magic and superhero’s and super-speed and all that, our reality is based in relationships in impossible situations. How do we keep this relationship strong, interesting and hopefully healthy.

EM: How has it been having Charlotte Ross on Arrow even more this season? What’s it like playing with Felicity’s past in that way?

Rickards: Donna brings out something in Felicity that no one else can. Your mother always brings out something in you that no one else can, whether it’s a good attribute or not. The funny thing about being around your parents is that they always bring out the child in you and that’s why they’re parents because that’s what you remember. That has been your relationship with them your entire life. Donna being a single woman and having sacrificed so much for Felicity and Felicity being an adult now and realizing her sacrifice is HUGE, especially in the past year, but also for the past season. Her life has been in such turmoil and I think also getting injured, there’s so many more layers now. Your life flashes before your eyes, I think for Felicity. She’s sacrificed so much for the Team. Like, she’s given her legs now for Team Arrow. She’s okay with that, she’s like ‘This is what I signed up for! This is my contribution. I’m a hero too! This is what I do and we are going to keep dealing with it!’ Having your Mom around for that is I think really lucky. She is beyond lucky to have Donna there and I think it makes it all the easier. Working with Charlotte is always so much fun! We fall in sync and it’s great!

EM: Looking to this week’s episode, Colton Haynes returns as Roy! What was it like having him back on set for you?

Rickards: Well for me, it was a dream! We are best friends and if he denies that, you can send him towards me and I will beat him up. That was the best! I love having Colton back so much. I mean, having Roy back was fun too, but having Colton come back was really special for me. I hope Roy comes back every episode of every season for all seasons of Arrow. I love having him back and he is my absolutely favorite human being and I’m not afraid to admit it. His episode is SO killer! It’s SO good!

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