Arrow Season 5 – A small (but epic) Prometheus tease

With the fifth season of “Arrow” premiering before too long on The CW, this is of course the time that we want to see some more questions answered. Specifically in this case, we’re talking about matters pertaining to Prometheus. We know that he is a villain, and while it’s not entirely clear if he is the Big Bad, we do know that he will have an enormous presence during at least the early portion of the season.

To date, the show’s bosses are staying hush-hush on who this man truly is, but we do at least now have the tiniest bit of insight courtesy of what executive producer Marc Guggenheim had to say on the matter to Entertainment Weekly:

“I can really only say that Oliver bears a measure of responsibility for the creation of Prometheus.”

This notion goes along with legacy being one of the major themes of season 5, as Oliver is trying to create a new breed of hero for Star City and helping other rogue vigilantes find their way. This is why we’re seeing people like Mad Dog and Artemis turn up on the show, and they will keep him busy while he also continues to work as the Mayor at the same time. Overall, we have a feeling that this could be the busiest season for the character yet, which could make it all the more interesting that someone from the show’s past could come back and haunt him in a rather particular way. This was always our hope for Prometheus, who could be connected to the history of the Oliver character in an interesting way.