Arrow Season 5 – Are some happy times ahead for Thea?

The fifth season of “Arrow” has left open many question marks for some of its characters the past several weeks, but we can now do our part to resolve one of them: What is going to be coming up for Thea Queen. We’ve certainly seen her go on a journey as of late towards becoming a hero in Speedy, feeling the aftereffects of what happened in the Lazarus Pit, and potentially deciding in the end that she wants a break from it all.

So moving into the premiere this October, it’s possible that we don’t see Thea wearing the Speedy costume as seen above. However, it’s still very much possible that we see Willa Holland’s character continue to play an important role in Oliver’s life. In speaking on this subject to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Marc Guggenheim passed along the following message:

“What we’ve done is we made her Oliver’s chief of staff … Perhaps, to her own surprise, she’s actually really, really good at it. All the skills that she learned by watching her mother for all those years, as well as running Verdant, she’s found very transferrable to City Hall, and in many ways, she’s a much better chief of staff than Oliver is a mayor.”