Arrow Season 5 – Deathstroke will return – but will Manu Bennett?

So much for the secret character being a secret for long for the upcoming 100th episode of “Arrow.”

In the photo on Twitter below, Stephen Amell certainly made it clear that Deathstroke would be making an appearance on the upcoming 100th episode of his show, and given that there is a crossover around this point, we do wonder if we’ll get to see him elsewhere, as well.

What complicates this reveal somewhat is that Manu Bennett was in New Zealand just a matter of one day ago, so it’s not entirely clear if it is actually him underneath this suit. Maybe it’s a double? We hope that if we’re getting Deathstroke that we’re also getting Slade, given that he remains probably one of our favorite villains of the entire CW – DC Comics universe. We possibly even took him for granted when he was last on the show, given that we’ve really come to miss him since his exit. He was fearsome, having killed Moira’s mother, and he also had a personal vendetta for wanting to go after who is now known as the Green Arrow. He was a big reason why season 2 is largely considered the strongest of the show’s entire run to date.

This 100th episode of the series is airing a little later this fall; hopefully, we’ll have some further news before then. The last time we saw Manu as the character was in season 3, when Oliver and Thea ran into him during a “test” on the island.