Arrow Season 5 – How will Diggle adjust to the new team?

When John Diggle eventually returns on “Arrow” season 5 to Star City, he’s going to find it a somewhat-different place than when he left. In particular, he could encounter quite a few more people in costume! Without having a clear #2 out in the field anymore, Oliver Queen will look at bringing in a wide array of new potential heroes, and try to establish some sort of legacy beyond just wearing a costume. Out in the city, he’s looking to inspire by being the Mayor. Meanwhile, he is hoping to do the same thing as the Green Arrow.

So how is John going to feel about these new practices? This is something that executive producer Wendy Mericle discussed further in a new interview with TVLine, making it clear that there could be at least a little bit of an adjustment period for the character as he tries to get established once more:

“He’s not going to love all these little upstarts, trying to take over his role … But he’ll adjust. He’s going to find some common ground with Wild Dog, and that will help take the sting out of it.”

There’s no precise timetable as of yet when it comes to when Diggle will be back, but given how important he is to the team and as a confidante to Oliver, we cannot imagine that this is a situation where the writers will make us wait forever. He also has a family who we’re sure he will be happy to see once he’s gotten more of his humanity back after what happened with his brother Andy.