Bones Season 12 – Eddie McClintock to Return

For the upcoming final season, “Bones” is clearly looking to go full-circle in a variety of different ways — including with some characters you haven’t quite seen in some time.

In a post recently on Twitter, “Warehouse 13” alum Eddie McClintock first revealed that he is going to be coming back at some point in his role as Sully. If you recall, he was a brief love interest of Brennan’s who was all about living in the moment — perhaps too much so since some of his actions eventually led towards his relationship moving too fast with her. She wasn’t down to go on a boating excursion with him away from her home, and the two went their separate ways. Given that Emily Deschanel’s character has since gotten romantically involved with Booth and is now married with kids, there’s never really been much of a reason to bring the character up.

Yet, we’re still very much excited to see him back. While it is not entirely clear at the moment just how many episodes in which we’re going to be seeing Eddie around, we’re still very much excited for him to make his presence known once more. It could always be just a single episode, given that there’s not even going to be that much time for any individual story to play out.

It has already been confirmed that we’re also going to see more of Zack Addy, which makes some sense given that big-time reveal we had at the end of the season 11 finale.