Chicago PD Season 4 – About a partnership

There are certainly a wide array of different themes and stories that “Chicago PD” likes to give to fans. At times, this is a series that is very much about examining the social and political climate of the city. At others, it is a crime procedural, and then you also have a character study to go along with it.

At the center of everything with this show are its relationships, with partnerships being even more so the focus. One of the big storylines during the early going of season 4 will be seeing Burgess with her new partner Julie Tay, who is coming over after some hard times at another precinct. Meanwhile, another relationship that could get a spotlight is the one between Ruzek and Atwater — which is great news to us, given that it will give the former something to do that does not involve a romantic relationship. (For the record, we’re still pulling for him and Burgess to make something work — eventually. He just has to figure out what he’s done wrong.)

In talking more about this partnership and what we could see from the two of them moving forward, executive producer Matt Olmstead stated the following to Entertainment Weekly:

“We’re spending more time with Ruzek and Atwater as partners … It’s time to toss them in the deep end and see what they can do. There’s a cool pairing of those two cops with Olinsky as the Yoda, because he vouched for both of them and so he’s teaching them along the way.”

Given that we find this show really shines when we’re focusing on the characters / how the jobs impact them, we’re certainly down for seeing even more of these characters in action.