Chicago PD Season 4 – All about changes for Lindsay, Halstead

Don’t fret over the title: On this particular occasion, we’re talking about good changes for a certain “Chicago PD” couple. These two characters are going to be going strong when season 4 premieres on NBC Wednesday, even if there is some tension regarding Voight and whether or not Lindsay will be willing to give herself up in order to help save him.

The changes that are coming for Lindsay and Halstead are on a domestic front: They’re looking to move in together! This is something that Jesse Lee Sofer describes further to Entertainment Weekly, teasing what could be coming up for the two of them:

“So Halstead and Lindsay, this season, might be getting a little domesticated … We might move in. I think Halstead’s in the process of apartment hunting right now for a condo … It’ll be really interesting to see how they work together and then … play together, if the relationship’s still going to work if they live together. Because to this point, they’re partners, and they got each other’s backs, and they enjoy the relationship when it’s convenient for them, and this is taking a big step forward. It’ll be interesting for the writers and for us, as the actors, to play out where that goes.”

Of course, we presume that there are going to be problems — there almost always is with romantic couples on the show. Our hope is mostly just that they will be able to work through them, and not find themselves in a tough situation they cannot escape from.