Game of Thrones Season 7 – Angela Lansbury rumor not true

Unfortunately, it looks like there are no bed-knobs or broomsticks heading to “Game of Thrones” this coming season.

Earlier this week, a rumor first started to pick up steam thanks to a German publication that Angela Lansbury, perhaps best known for her role on “Murder, She Wrote,” was going to have a role on the upcoming seventh season of the HBO series. In theory, we do understand a little bit as to why the story picked up steam in the first place. This is a show that has cast Jim Broadbent, Diana Rigg, Ian McShane, and a variety of other acting icons; Lansbury in theory makes a lot of sense for the series, especially since we could see her pulling off some sort of part within Westeros.

Unfortunately, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed via her representative that the actress is not going to be a part of the series. To quote a certain character, this is certainly a great “shame” indeed. We like to imagine in theory that this could spark an appearance from her, but at the same time, Lansbury is certainly not someone who needs the work. Her legacy is already established, and at 90 years old we figure she is at the point where she will take work mostly dependent on whether or not she truly wants to do so.