Girl Meets World: Episode 3.15 Promo – Step into an alternate universe

The “Girl Meets World” hiatus is going to continue for a little while longer on the Disney Channel, but when it is over on Friday, October 14, we are going to see an episode like no other in “Girl Meets World of Terror 3.”

What’s the big takeaway from the promo below? That there are multiple different what-if scenarios that are going to play out. We thought that the episode was going to just be what happened if Riley and Maya were not friends, but the domino effect that comes as a result of that is rather interesting. For one, Lucas still thinks that he is a walking stereotype of Texas, and Farkle apparently never evolved past the Farkle we first knew in season 1. For fans of the crazier version of the character, that actually could be rather interesting to see.

We hope that Riley and Maya learn a few things about each other over the course of this episode, at least when it comes to what their friendship ultimately means to each other. Beyond that, though, our biggest hope here is that we just hope that the show really emphasizes humor more than anything. Given that this is a Halloween episode, we mostly associate the holiday with fun and crazy hijinks. We don’t want to see anything get altogether serious at this point. There are some other episodes coming up that will have a chance to address that even further.