Girl Meets World Season 3 – Rowan Blanchard on season 4 hopes

It’s been a little while now since “Girl Meets World” wrapped filming for its third season, and at the moment, we are still very much looking forward to seeing precisely what the future for this series could hold. The Disney Channel hasn’t tipped their hand one way or another on the future of the show, but we do know that the writers constructed the season finale to serve as a fitting end for the show in the event it is not renewed.

Unfortunately, the cast still remains entirely in the dark on the future. Speaking to, star Rowan Blanchard made it clear precisely the sense of ambiguity the cast feels, and to go along with that, just how much she and everyone else still wants to see the series move forward:

“I know as much as you do. We are hoping for a Season 4, obviously, because we want to continue our story, and I feel like it’s an important story to tell. But as of right now, we just finished [filming] Season 3 and we’re still waiting on the word. But we do have more episodes coming out this year that air into early 2017, so we’re covered for a little bit.”