Grey’s Anatomy: Episode 13.04 Preview – Is more trouble ahead for Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith?

“Falling Slowly” is not just the title of one of our favorite songs from the musical “Once,” it is also the name for the episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” set to air on Thursday, October 13. This will prove itself to be powerful for many reasons, but at the same time, it seems like there could be some fun in here. For example, maybe this episode will bring you some good relationship news for a change — even if there is some drama taking place elsewhere.

Ultimately, we just expect that there will be some more highs and lows that you’ve come to expect from the show at this point in its run. The fourth episode of the season is typically not one where are mind-melting surprises, but who knows? Maybe this is the time when creator Shonda Rhimes is planning to flip the script on everyone.

Synopsis – “Alex tries to do the right thing but still cant catch a break. Jackson and April adjust to their “new normal” with the baby. While Meredith and Nathan establish what’s going on between them, Amelia questions the state of her relationship with Owen.”

Promo – The best way to describe the story teased here is one about what happens when you “mix business with pleasure.” Apparently, Meredith and Riggs may be so preoccupied at some point with their secret relationship that at some point along the way, they have a disagreement on a case that turns into much more. We anticipate that this will be dramatic, but also have its fair share of fun moments based on what we’re seeing.