Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 – How Meredith’s colleagues will react and they will save her life

The winter premiere of Grey’s Anatomy will kick off the second half of Season 12 with a bang as Meredith finds herself in a dire situation.

In the latest TGIT promo for the second half of Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 features Meredith cut and bruised, laying on the ground in pain. She later wakes up on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask over her mouth. The Grey’s Anatomy actors recently revealed that Meredith “gets attacked by someone you would least expect” in the mid-Season 12 premiere

The surprising person who attacks Meredith is a patient, or perhaps a friend or family member of a patient at the hospital.

But the attack seems to take place at the hospital, so luckily Meredith doesn’t have to travel far to get the medical attention she needs. On how Meredith’s colleagues will respond to the frightening situation James Pickens Jr., who plays Richard, shared: “It makes us realize how much of a family Seattle Grace really is and how in times of trauma and times of turmoil, how you come together for the common good. In this case, it’s saving her life basically.” It seems like Meredith’s fellow doctors will continue to save her well after any surgeries she most likely will need to have. Meredith needs the support of her friends now more than ever, and we don’t doubt that they will all be there to care for her. Meredith Grey is one of the strongest characters on television and we’re sure she’ll survive this nightmare encounter.

Source: Melty