Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 – Japril’s future

Actress Sarah Drew, who plays April on Grey’s, recently dished to Entertainment Weekly about what’s next for her character’s relationship with Jackson. Because of Meredith’s attack, which will dominate the midseason premiere, we have to be patient and wait a bit to find out what’s happening with these two. Drew explained: “You don’t really find out what really happened with April and Jackson until Episode 11. You get little snippets in 9 and 10, but 11 is a big one.” She continued by saying that filming this big episode was a joy and an actor’s dream come true. What could this episode possibly entail?! When asked about Japril’s future, Drew played it coy, but did say: “As long as they’re alive, there is always hope. No matter what, they really, desperately love one another. They’re in a really rough spot, but there is always hope.” We are certainly holding out hope that these two can somehow make it work, but we know the show isn’t fond of dealing out happy endings.

Source: EW