Grey’s Anatomy: Season 12 – Meredith Brutally Attacked in Midseason Premiere

When Grey’s Anatomy returns for its midseason premiere, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) will be the victim of a violent assault. “Meredith gets attacked by someone you would least expect and it is just as terrifying, shocking and harrowing as it appears,” Kelly McCreary tells EW.

“She’s attacked really brutally, really viciously and in a completely surprising, weird way,” Sarah Drew adds, noting that everyone else is really on the sidelines during the Meredith-centric episode directed by Denzel Washington — which means you won’t find out what Jackson (Jesse Williams) wanted to say to April (Drew) right away.

Obviously, what happens to Meredith will reverberate throughout the hospital, but it will have a big impact on Amelia (Caterina Scorsone). “Amelia takes that really hard,” says Scorsone, whose character was kicked out of the Grey house by Mer in the winter finale. “Amelia always holds herself extremely responsible for the misfortunate of others. In this case especially, she feels somehow responsible, even though she’s really not. She often takes it all very personally when someone she’s close to is hurt. When we come back, Amelia is at a very, very low point.”

Source: EW

  • sarah

    It sounds like the person who attacks Meredith is Owen. I hope not because that would be hard for her to deal with and the viewers too. Why do they always have to pick on Meredith?

    • Leda Carter

      because the show is about her? ;)

      • kate

        About Meredith? no it is not…this is an ensemble show. Bad things happen to everyone, hey at least she’s not dead.

    • kate

      Cause they want us to like/feel sorry for Meredith. If it’s Owen, that is REALLY stupid writing. But you may be right…he could be mad she spoke to his mom about sister/Riggs and his PTSD could get him off the hook.
      Hmmmm…I guess it has to be him, whom else would Amelia feel responsible about? Maybe something happens with her and Riggs(after the bar), Owen finds out and flips out. This show is losing quality if so.

  • Felicua

    When dose this come on

    • Jessie Kent

      Feb. 11

  • Kimberly Simonson

    Is that webber laying on the floor behind her????

  • Suri O’Killer

    Can they please kill off Amelia instead?

  • Debby Sweet

    In my opinion…Grey’s Anatomy as in Anatomy Jane as well…IS based on Meredith & HER mother’s lives. Loves, family & just everyday living for THEM. Who comes and goes in THEIR lives. But, it is also based on EVERYDAY real life happenings in a hospital, with Doctors and THEIR lives but, over all……… is called Grey’s Anatomy from the Grey’s!!!! Remember her Mother received the Harper Avery Award. Her Mother, also on the eccentric side……still was an excellent surgeon, according to Dr. Richard Webber. But, not a good Mother at all to Meredith. WHO would want a Mother like that? She was hateful and spiteful and only cared about HER needs and HERself!! Something like that. :D