Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 – Kevin McKidd on big move for Owen, Amelia

They’ve done a dance-of-sorts for quite some time, but moving forward into the final episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” this week, it certainly seems like Owen and Amelia could be thinking about taking their on-again relationship to the next level.

Kevin McKidd told TVLine recently, his alter ego, Owen, and Amelia are now enjoying a post-reunion honeymoon period. And it’s about to get even more romantic.

In “At Last,” “Owen decides he’s going to take a huge step,” the actor reveals. And, since that huge step involves his newly recommitted girlfriend, naturally, that “kind of leads them into a conversation about, ‘What is the future for us?’”

Of course, we’d certainly be down to see Owen get married again after everything that he went through with Cristina, and it would make sense for his character to move somewhat quickly this time. He’s seen so many times now in this world how quickly the rug can get pulled out from under you, so if he sees something that he wants, why wouldn’t he want to just reach out and try to grab it? This keeps him from having to deal with some sort of terrible feeling down the road like he has missed out on something.