Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – ‘Grandfathered’, ‘Masters of None’ actor set to appear

Will Ravi Patel have a key role to play throughout “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13? It’s a little too early to know for sure, but we at least know that he has a key part to play for at least one upcoming episode.

Per a new report from Deadline, the actor (known for his work on “Grandfathered,” “Master of None,” and other projects) is set to appear in at least one episode as a nurse at the Grey Sloan Memorial named Tamir Dahr. While it may be somewhat of a bummer to not know more about this character at present, at least be grateful that we have have this. There are plenty of other shows within Shondaland that won’t give you anything when their castings are announced.

Given that nurses do have a tendency to stick around their work for a little while, there’s a reasonably good chance that we’ll be seeing more of Patel on the series ahead. There are certainly plenty of interesting stories here to tell given that at this point in the show, we’re really not getting a whole lot of the nurse perspective, and they’re just as important as anyone to making sure life in the hospital goes off without a hitch.

New episodes of the show begin on Thursday, and it’s with that in mind we’ll have a wide array of further news on what to expect soon. By and large, though, the major themes should be Amelia and Owen’s first stretch of time as a married couple to go along with the aftermath of what happened with Alex and Andrew DeLuca after the fight in the finale.