Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Prepare for more Andrew DeLuca?

So far on “Grey’s Anatomy,” there have been a few things that we learned about the character of Andrew DeLuca, but for the most part, what we know about him is this: He has a romantic history with at least one character on the show, and at the same exact time, we also know that he got beaten to a pulp by Alex in the closing minutes of season 12, as he mistakenly thought that he was pursuing Jo in some shape or form. That wasn’t exactly true.

Obviously, you don’t want to see anyone, fictional or not, go through an incident quite like Andrew did. Yet, there may be at least some advantages of it in terms of getting to know this character better. This is something that executive producer Shonda Rhimes explained further recently to Entertainment Weekly courtesy of the following message:

“We’re going to get to know DeLuca a lot better, who we don’t know at all, and who we’ve just started to scratch the surface of … Now, because this thing has happened to him, he has found himself in a spotlight that he was not interested in ever being in.”

More than anything, the one thing we hope for with learning about DeLuca is that he proves himself to be a very different sort of person than anyone else at the hospital, and we wouldn’t mind learning that he has some darker edges here and there that we haven’t explored. While we don’t want him necessarily to be an awful human being, we do think for the most part all of the characters on the show are likable in some way.