Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 – Will Alex learn Jo’s full history soon?

There are quite a few hurdles standing in the way for Jo and Alex on “Grey’s Anatomy” at the moment, and they begin with of course the violence that took place between him and Andrew in the closing minutes of the episode. There are going to be ramifications for that, and they could be legal ones depending on what Andrew wants to do. Remember here that this is not the sort of show that tends to just wash away these problems and pretend that they never happened.

Of course, there is one other major problem here that will need to be explored, and that is the revelation that Jo is still married, and that this is a big hangup that will keep her from being able to marry him. In speaking about this further to Entertainment Weekly, actor Justin Chambers had the following to say:

“Obviously, he’s going to find out why she can’t marry him … I don’t know where that takes them from there, but he’s hurt, and he’s angry, and he’s wrong, but he’s also right.”