Grimm Season 5 – About new character “Bonaparte”

Question: Oh, almighty Ausiello, hear my plea and alleviate my plight. Please tell me anything Grimmy so that I could rest in peace.

Ausiello: I hear a new character named Bonaparte — a smart, driven 50-something woman who believes she’s the leader of a great cause and with whom you do notwant to mess around — will show up pretty soon and stay for a while.

Question: Can we get any scoop on whether or not Grimm‘s baby Kelly is going to get any kick-ass power because, after all, his half-sister is kinda kick-ass? Thank you.

Ausiello: We asked executive producers David Greenwalt and James Kouf that exact question. “He’s too young,” Kouf said, laughing. “He’s not even eating solid food yet!” But Greenwalt hinted that Nick and Adalind’s offspring might start to show otherworldly tendencies “in the next handful” of episodes.

Source: TVLine