Grimm: Season 5 – New Tech

Trubel came back to Portland in a sleek, hi-tech motorcycle which I’ll call the Grimm-mobile. It’s pretty souped up, but creator David Greenwalt says we won’t get to see much of its abilities.

Don’t we wish. It’s expensive and cumbersome, the things that we want to do with that sleek bike. There’ll be a little bit of it, but there won’t be the big, James Bond-like action sequences that we envisioned when we created it.

However, the eps did give up some tidbits about the impending Wesen war. James Kouf tells us, “there’s a lot of complicated things… that intertwine before directconfrontation.”

While Greenwalt divulges that Lucien Petrovich, the leader of the Wesen pack is a “pure believer, but he’s got a streak of deviousness in him and he can’t really be trusted, even by his own people. He’ll be around a little bit.”

[su_note note_color=”#e9e9e9”]SOURCE: TVLine[/su_note]