How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 – Annalise faces a different sort of conflict

So far through two seasons, “How to Get Away with Murder” has shown a tremendous knack for being able to mix things up, and it is certainly nice to see that entering the third season, that seems to be very much still intact.

We felt like for most of season 2 the show ventured a little too far from Annalise’s responsibilities as an academic, given that this is part of what made this so unique and different from any other show out there with a legal edge. We’ve got plenty of lawyers, but few who are also supposed to be carrying the weight of teaching at the same time. Luckily, that is changing going into season 3, but based on some of the details that are out there at present, it also appears as though she may not bee a teacher for too much longer! The second episode of the season is entitled “There Are Worse Things Than Murder,” which may take the cake for one of the most chilling titles Pete Nowalk and the writers have come up with.

Meanwhile, the synopsis below offers you a little more evidence as to what Viola Davis’ character could do when she thinks that she could be in danger of losing her job:

“With her job in jeopardy, Annalise confronts the Middleton University Board; secrets come to light as the Keating 5 compete for the case of a battered woman accused of killing her husband.”