How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 – Mary J. Blige signs up for mystery role

The third season of “How to Get away with Murder” is for the most part still shrouded in mystery, but that is precisely the way that Pete Nowalk, Shonda Rhimes, and the rest of the team like it. They see this series as a journey, and if you find out too much about the series in advance, than a little bit of the spirit is lost.

With that in mind, you really shouldn’t be surprised that the latest casting doesn’t come with a lot of context. After all, shows in Shondaland often don’t like to give you details beyond the name!

As first reported by Deadline, singer Mary J. Blige, coming off of another major acting gig on “The Wiz Live,” is going to be playing a key part on the third season. That’s all we got for now, but we would assume that the show would not cast someone of her caliber without her having some great material to take on. We know that season 3 will pick addressing what happened to Wes’ father, but at some point along the way we’re also going to navigate and take on some other stories. After all, this is a series that tends to take on a variety of different things at once.

The new season starts next month, and we’re certainly curious to see how all of this unravels.