Law and Order SVU: Episode 18.02 – Mariska Hargitay on Joe Biden appearance

Every episode of “Law & Order: SVU” is important in its own way, but it easier to say that about Wednesday night’s new installment entitled “Making a Rapist.” Vice-President Joe Biden is set to make an appearance, and he has been one of the biggest champions in the past few years of ending domestic violence and trying to end the rape kit backlog. He’s been honored by Mariska Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation for his work, and he will be bringing his message to the show.

In speaking about getting Biden aboard the series for this appearance, Hargitay said the following (per People):

“[Getting him to appear is] a dream come true. Joe Biden is one of the greatest people on the planet. He’s the real deal, I have so much admiration, respect, love. I don’t usually throw out the word ‘hero,’ I don’t, but he’s probably mine. It was amazing, and he is just grace incarnate in so many ways. He puts everyone at ease. Talk about a heart and a mind being in the right place … It’s such a beautiful scene, it’s what he does. It was fantastic.”

This appearance is probably going to be brief, but that doesn’t reduce its importance. Major political figures don’t just do appearances for the heck of it. We imagine that, in this case, Biden will make the most of his time to spread his message, and “SVU” will allow that before focusing in on its case of the week, which is inspired in part by “Making a Murderer” and the saga of Steven Avery that has played out in the headlines.