Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 – Will be totally changed

We are starting to get near the end of “Legends of Tomorrow” season 1, but as you watch the final episodes, there is one thing that you should know in particular: Don’t expect the second season to be anything like the first one. The Vandal Savage storyline was its own beast, and it looks like for the already-renewed second season, the writers could be opting for a very different feel, direction, heroes, and villains.

For more on this, take a look at some of what showrunner Phil Klemmer had to say to IGN:

“We’re coming at it from a completely different angle. We’re determined to make every part of Season 2 feel like its own show. Episode 201 will very much be a new pilot with new good guys, new bad guys, new stakes, new dynamics, new goals. The team will basically have to find a new purpose. Once you save the world, what do you do then? It’s sort of a question of after you’ve won a Super Bowl, what do you do from there? The fact that the world was in peril sort of forced our team to fall into its own dysfunctional version of lockstep.”