Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 – Will everyone be excited for the Justice Society of America?

While it may not be on the air officially until we get around to October, it still feels as though “Legends of Tomorrow” season 2 is right around the corner, and there is quite a bit to be excited about. From the standpoint of villains, we’re getting a chance to spend some more time around the Legion of Doom — a group comprised of Malcolm Merlyn, Captain Cold, the Reverse-Flash, and then also Damien Darhk. It is an assembly of people we already know, but they will be presented here in a completely different way.

So from the standpoint of new heroes, the Justice Society of America is going to take center stage. We may not know much about them at present beyond some of their members (Hourman, Stargirl, and Commander Steel among others), but we know that much like with the Legion, the team of Legends will have a reaction to them, as well — and it may not be precisely what you think.

n speaking on this particular subject further in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Caity Lotz had the following message to pass along about how Sara could react to seeing these people around:

“Sara’s never a fan of people who are too perfect and follow all the rules … But Sara also has that military side to her, with organization and executing missions. They’re pretty good at that, so there’s a little bit of her that’s like, ‘These people have got their sh– together.’ But it’s also probably a little annoying, because they got their sh– together and they know it.”

  • Dan Griffin

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