NCIS – In the upcoming 299th episode

Any teases for NCIS?

In the upcoming 299th episode (!), fans will get some insight into the team’s lives after hours — also the title of the episode — as they work to solve a case that seemed cut and dry, but really makes Gibbs’ and everyone else’s gut churn. This does not bode well for DiNozzo, whose date starts to unravel as he begins to focus more on the case than his companion. While Abby is off collecting evidence in her PJs, we’ll also see McGee and Delilah (the returning Margo Harshman) at home as McGee recreates a crime scene out of their dinner. Bon appétit!

Source: EW
  • kimberley grippe

    i love ncis n even is michael leaves i think ncis will do fine with sean n the cast good luck tony but the show must go on NCIS