NCIS: Season 13 – Rumor – Michael Weatherly leaving at end of season?

What does the future hold for Ducky? He`s been training Palmer up over the past few seasons; do you think he could ever fill Ducky`s boots should he ever leave?

Well that`s trying to write a show that hasn`t happened yet! We`re going to finish shooting this season at the end of April, and DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly, we`ve told people a long time ago, is leaving at the end of the season. So the writers have to decide what to do when one of the four members of the original cast leaves. When Michael leaves, there`ll just be three of us. I will go on doing Ducky for at least another year I believe, provided my health holds up. Things aren’t quite as easy at eighty two as they were at twenty eight! So I will go on as long as I can.

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  • John McCullagh

    I’m glad Ducky will be staying on. Michael is moving on to bigger and better things I guess.