NCIS Season 14 – First details on “Being Bad” released!

The second episode of “NCIS” season 14 will be coming your way on September 27, and based on its title “Being Bad,” we almost wonder if a version of Walter White is going to pop up halfway through. (Hey, it’s the first thing we thought of when we saw the title written out!)

Today, CBS released the first synopsis, which suggests that for Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Alex Quinn (Jennifer Esposito), it will take a little bit of time to become used to some of their new surroundings:

“NCIS uncovers a bomb plot and a long-running theft ring while investigating a death at a Quantico reunion. Also Torres and Quinn adjust to life on Gibbs’ team, including new seating arrangements in the squad room.”

Interestingly, this episodes sounds a lot like “Quantico,” which does have quite the affinity for doing episodes that are themed for the most part all around bomb plots. The more intriguing part of this right now comes down to how Torres and Quinn are handling what should be a tricky transition, given that you’ve got people like McGee and Abby who have been around for more than a decade and are used to a certain way of doing things. Maybe change will prove to be useful for some of the longstanding team members; if nothing else, it will be a challenge. The one person we’re especially interested to see in all of this is Bishop, who in theory should be prepared to roll out the welcome wagon more than anyone. She knows what it is like being in the shoes of a team newcomer, and some of the challenges that come with it.