NCIS Season 14 – Wilmer Valderrama teases slow burn with Nick Torres backstory

Through the season 14 premiere of “NCIS” on Tuesday night, we learned several different things about the new character of Nick Torres — including that prior to him returning from deep cover, he had a completely different life created for himself under a name that was not even his own. Now, he’s having to readjust and get used to having more authority over him — and we’ve seen already that this is not going to be an easy transition for him to make.

So now that we’ve gotten to know a little bit more about who this character is, and also that he’s going to be around for a while, we’re now getting the sense that the producers aren’t in too bit of a rush to hurry things along in terms of revealing more story about him. Speaking on the matter to TV Guide, Wilmer Valderrama makes it clear that the plan, at least for now, is to give us a little bit of Torres over time since there is no need to hurry things along too quickly:

“What we’re going to try to do is really take our time with this character and spell it out as we go. And that’s the right thing to do. The show is picked up for the next [two] years, so we have time. We have many episodes to let these characters breathe. So we’re going to allow for that to happen while still doing our jobs and catching the bad guys.”

If you want more reminders of just how many other stories the show has to deal with, you’ve got the remainder of the regular cast, plus also the arrival of fellow newcomer Jennifer Esposito and then also Duane Henry coming in a few episodes down the road as Clayton Reeves.