On “Castle” Season 9 And That Alternate Stana Katic – Nathan Fillion Ending

We now know that last week’s “Castle” finale was the series finale for the show, and a much-discussed possible renewal without Stana Katic did not happen. Of course, this news does not necessarily mean that all speculation has washed away regarding what the season 9 would have been. Would Beckett have survived the events of “Crossfire”? There were many rumors that she would have been killed off, and we understand why. It’s hard to imagine the show without her, and it also makes little sense story-wise for Nathan Fillion’s character to not pursue the love of his life if he thinks that she is alive.

Well, it turns out that there may be more to the “if he thinks” theory than we first realized. Michael Ausiello of TVLine claims that there was at least one scenario in which “Crossfire” ended with Castle and everyone else thinking that Beckett had died, only for this to not be the case.