Once Upon a Time: Season 5 – IGN Interview – Mulan’s Return

IGN: Merida, Mulan, and Ruby are teaming up. Can you talk about their dynamic?

Adam Horowitz: Absolutely. As part of the two-hour Once Upon a Time extravaganza on Sunday night, we will be seeing Ruby, we’ll be seeing Mulan again, and Merida and they have a bit of an adventure together.

IGN: And we’re going to see them cross paths with Arthur and Zelena, correct?
Kitsis: Yes. The stuff you’re talking about is in the second hour. The first hour will explain where Arthur and Zelena are and why they’re where they’re at, and the second hour will pick up with them. So, the first hour is Storybrooke and Camelot, and the second hour is DunBroch.

IGN: She is usually all about herself, but with her pregnancy, things are different and that’s about to accelerate.

Horowitz: We’re going to see that her pregnancy has a profound effect on her. Zelena is a wicked character who is forced to look inward and to really seek who she really is and how she acts upon this journey of self-realization is right in keeping with the wild card she always is.

IGN: You just introduced Nimue, and she’s one of the many Dark Ones influencing Dark Swan. Does she have a role to play in this two-parter?
Kitsis: She will be playing a role in the next run of episodes. I don’t know if we see her this weekend, but we absolutely will. There will be more Nimue to come.

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