Once Upon a Time Season 6 – Captain Hook, Emma, and the path to goodness

The sixth season of “Once Upon a Time” is getting closer to its premiere later this month, and with the whole matter of the Underworld being resolved, Hook and Emma may be finding themselves now in a position that is rather unfamiliar to them: One of stability. Are there still problems in Storybrooke? Certainly so, given that you’ve got the Land of Untold Stories making an impact out there and there are a wide array of different threats like the Evil Queen looming.

Yet, for the time being, there’s nothing getting in the way of their relationship, and what makes that exciting is that moving into the near future, these two characters could have a chance to actually spend a little bit of time focusing on each other. In speaking on this subject further to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Adam Horowitz set up what is coming for the two of them with the following:

“Last year we saw Emma saying I love you to him when they weren’t in any sort of danger … Hook is excited to progress that relationship. At the same time, he is on his path of redemption, and we are going to see Hook doing his best to be heroic this year.”