Once Upon a Time Season 6 – “Dallas” alum to be Captain Nemo

According to a new report coming in from Entertainment Weekly, Faran Tahir of “Dallas” and “Warehouse 13” is going to be playing Captain Nemo in at least one season 6 episode. The character is famous from his role in “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” a work that surely has its own place in Disney lore given that the ride has drawn plenty of attention over the years at some of their theme parks.

Apparently, in the case of the show you’re going to have a chance to see more of what happens when Nemo and Captain Hook go head-to-head, as the two characters have some sort of a history. In a statement, executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis passed along the following message:

“We’re thrilled to give a Once Upon a Time spin to the classic character of Captain Nemo from one of our favorite Disney films,20,000 Leagues Under the Sea … We’re excited to see his mythology merge with Storybrooke’s own captain — Hook [Colin O’Donohue]. If for no other reason than to see the Jolly Roger go up against a submarine.”