Once Upon a Time Season 6 – On the Land of Untold Stories and Emma

When we first heard that a variety of new characters were coming to “Once Upon a Time” through the Land of Untold Stories, we of course wondered both what that meant and what the long-term consequences of their arrival would be.

What we have learned now is that while the structure of some of these upcoming season 6 episodes is similar to the first season, where we saw Emma Swan do her best to help fairy-tale characters in need, they won’t be exactly the same structurally. Speaking on that subject to TVLine, executive producer Edward Kitsis passed along the following message:

“It is a story that has yet to play out … You’re going to see that a lot of people went to the Land of Untold Stories because they wanted to literally push ‘pause,’ like they were watching their own life on TiVo. This is a tweak on that idea. What happens to some of these stories if they don’t quite finish the way we thought they did, and were suspended midstream? And what would make characters want to suspend their stories?”