Once Upon a Time Season 6 – The past rears its head again

The past can be a dangerous place to revisit — if there is one thing that we’ve learned about when it comes to “Once Upon a Time,” it is this. These characters have been able to avoid much of that just because they’ve all been able to make some progress in their own personal relationships. When you start to patch things up and move forward, we do think at the same time that does help talk away a little bit of sting from all that happened.

Unfortunately, there could be some events coming up on season 6 that make it almost impossible for everyone to step away from the past completely. For example, the arrival of the Evil Queen could in turn bring back some terrible memories, given that this is a part of Regina that was previously dormant until she split into two during the most-recent season finale. For more on this subject, executive producer Edward Kitsis presented the following tease to Entertainment Weekly:

“You get to see that this really is a family that has come together … Henry’s dream in the beginning was to bring everyone together, and in a lot of ways he has, but this year they’re going to be tested from their past. If there’s one thing the Evil Queen hates it’s Snow White — Snow White and other people’s happiness.”

Ultimately, our major hope here is that while the presence of the Evil queen once more will (likely) cause some harsh divisions, who knows? Maybe in the end, she will find a way to bring everyone together once more. We can only hope, right?