Once Upon a Time Season 6 – Where we start with Hook, Emma

The sixth season of “Once Upon a Time” is coming soon, and just as you would imagine, this is not a show where happy endings tend to come around very often. Even people who have found some sort of happiness on the show are not necessarily guaranteed to have it stay that way for a particularly long time. That just doesn’t happen here.

With that, we present to you the latest bit of scoop all about the relationship between Hook and Emma, this time courtesy of executive producer Adam Horowitz via TVLine:

“We pick up pretty directly from where we left them at the end of last season, where for the first time Emma professed her love without the duress of a life-or-death situation … Of course, life-or-death situations come pretty quickly on our show, so that will change.”

Ultimately, we do think that these two are going to have a few opportunities in order to figure out what their future holds even in the midst of what is a rather eventful season. The two are going to have the Land of Untold Stories and a variety of other issues that they have to deal with, but at the same exact time they have to be cognizant now that they cannot leave their relationship behind. With Hook coming back effectively from the dead, we hope that he will leave even more in the moment and be even more inspired to take another step.