Outlander: Season 2 – First Look Photos + Ronald D. Moore Interview


EW: Where do we pick up with Claire and Jamie in season 2? Are they fresh off the boat from Scotland?
RDM: Well, how the opening episode literally opens I won’t get into, obviously, because that’s just how we tell the story, but the story of Jamie and Claire in the 18th century pretty much starts with their arrival in France. The big story point picks up from where we left season 1, which is Claire and Jamie deciding to attempt to change history by stopping the Jacobite rebellion and changing history so as to prevent the slaughter on Culloden Moor and the destruction of the Highland culture after it. That’s the major plot going into the season.

EW: And how much of Jamie’s assault at the hands of Black Jack in the season 1 finale will hang over into the upcoming season?
RDM: It definitely colors his character throughout. It’s not at the forefront of the story, but it’s a pretty big character story for him, so the after-effects of that and the reverberations through their relationship does carry forward well into the season.

EW: Are there any scenes you’re particularly excited for fans to see?
RDM: There are several particular scenes, obviously from the book, that fans are probably going to look forward to. Overall, I’m just excited to see the streets of Paris and Versailles There’s an interesting “wow factor” I’m looking forward to see us realizing and putting them in a very different urban environment than last season.

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