Pretty Little Liars: Season 6A – Major Spoilers Leaked

We wish to stress that we do not know if these are real, they are not ours. A summary of the leak is as follows

[spoiler title=’Spoiler’ style=’blue’ collapse_link=’true’]A:
– Wren is Charles. Charles is A.
– Wren shows himself to Ali. He apologizes for what he did when she was a baby and begs her to be his sister again. Alison acts weird but asks to hear his story. As the story goes on Wren gets more violent and terrifying. Things escalate and Alison appears to kill him but his body vanishes. At some point during this, Wren drops his accent mid-sentence.
– Wren isn’t actually a doctor. His “job” at Radley is a lot like Dr. Palmer’s in Saratoga…he’s a patient there. They let him think he’s working there so he doesn’t become violent and crazy.
– The fight between Alison and Wren: They’re in her room and he grabs her. She pushes him off her and runs into the hall and he chases her. She hits him over the head with a framed photo of the Dilaurentis family and he falls over the railing of the stairs. Alison then leaves the house.
– How can he afford all the A stuff? His family put a lot of money aside for him through Radley (laundering money). Radley then paid off his “family” for something similar to life insurance. They basically pay off his “family” to keep quiet about his suicide, but all the money goes to him since it was fake.
– The second yellow dress was given to Charles/Wren. He liked dolls and used it to make a dress for his Alison doll. It’s described as a sad scene.
– Wren is obsessed with the girls because they took Alison away from him. Now he wants to punish them for it.
– Wren killed Mrs. D by accident. He went into a rage when she went to tell him she couldn’t protect him anymore and he accidentally killed her.

Black Widow:
– Melissa is the Black Widow.
– Melissa was trying to figure out what happened that night. She felt guilty about what happened that night and wanted to avenge Charles and Bethany. It’s described as a form of penance.

– Cece was in contact with Bethany at Radley, she was pretending to be Alison.
– Bethany and Charles knew each other in Radley. They also knew Marion and Spencer.
– We don’t find out who hit Bethany.

– Marion jumped off the roof and Bethany witnessed it. She thought Charles killed himself and decided to commit suicide since she saw a lot of her son in him.

– There is a bunch of drama over whether or not they can go. Ali and Emily kiss. While the girls are at the dance, Ali is lured away by a message from Charles and he shows himself to her before the rest of the girls realize she’s gone.

– Maya found baby pictures in the house, so A began threatening her to leave town.
– She really is dead.

– At some point Sara freaks out and returns to the dollhouse, finding it easier to sleep there.
– Afterwards she finally decides to return home.

– The girls figure out she’s not Charles when he attacks them and Lesli is with Mona. This is apparently planned by the girls.
– Lesli reveals that Cece was the one visiting Bethany, not Alison.

– Cece lured Bethany to Rosewood by pretending to be Alison. Charles followed.
– Charles hit Alison thinking she was Cece, he didn’t want to hurt Alison. He wanted to hit Cece because he believed that she was the one who hit Bethany
– Cece is scared of Charles.

Other Stuff:
– Lorenzo dies in an altercation with Charles. Jason goes missing.
– To confirm that they are real the poster mentions that during episode 6.6 (airing July 14th), Sara and Emily kiss (in Emily’s bedroom). Aria and Clark print out their photos and submit them to a contest (leading to Aria getting an internship), also Spencer gets into a school in England (possibly Oxford but they are not 100% sure).
– During a future episode Dean returns having eaten the pot cookies and flirts with Spencer, it’s also revealed that Clark is gay.
– Spencer had OCD as a kid which was why she was in Radley.

Final scene of 6A:
– The girls get together years later after Aria’s written a book about everything. They all get a text at the same time. They all look at each other freaked out and that’s the end.

Full information is available on Reddit[/spoiler]