Pretty Little Liars Season 7 – When will Charlotte’s murderer be revealed?

While “Pretty Little Liars” has been fairly keen to hand down a variety of answers here and there over the course of season 7, it looks ultimately like they are going to keep you guessing until the very end over one mystery in particular: Who is responsible for the death of one Charlotte DiLaurentis. This was a pivotal moment in the jump forward, and the show is not in any hurry to let everything come out in terms of what’s happening there.

Of course, you will learn the truth by the time the series finale airs. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, creator Marlene King confirms that while adding that the Liars’ actions with Dr. Rollins will loom larger in its own right:

“By the end of 7B, we’ll know who killed Charlotte and we’ll learn that in a very dramatic fashion. It will be a driving force right when we come back in episode 11, but that mystery will not be solved until the end. But it will be pretty exciting and satisfactory revelation. As far as [Rollins’] murder, the police will be on them and “A.D.” will be hanging their knowledge of that crime over the girls and using it to manipulate them into doing things that “A.D.” wants, one of which is solving Charlotte’s murder.”