Quantico: Episode 1.12 – Interviews

Now, where do things stand with Alex and Ryan? She’s so impressed by Hannah and then she’s thrown by who Hannah is in relation to Ryan and then she’s thrown by Ryan in their scene alone together.
Yes. So, I think they have a very star-crossed relationship. I don’t think she expected to see him again so soon, and I don’t think that he expected to see her either. I mean, I’m sure if I were Ryan I would never have expected trainees to show up even at the Haas house. Like, Caleb and Alex aren’t besties. So, you know, Ryan really wants to be with her, and she’s the one who’s actually kind of put up a little bit of a wall toward him.

Even though, in the last episode when he said, “I never said I love you, but I wanted to,” which is sort of him opening the door, and she says, “I’ve never said it at all,” he’s always waiting, he doesn’t want to encroach upon territory she’s not willing to let him be on. And she’s not always opening the door very wide, so he’s going to listen to cues from her. I think that New Year’s night, he finally says to her, “You don’t know what to do with me. Are you going to let me in or not?” And I think they’ve left it in a very tense place in that moment. Liam turns her to look at Ryan as a good person, but Hannah tells her this isn’t what’s best for Ryan. So Alex lets him go.

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Was Elias always the intended terrorist for the midseason point?

Yes, but whether he is or is not the only terrorist is open to interpretation. He tells a story about how he is actually not a terrorist, he is a pawn for a terrorist. Whether that is the truth and whether people believe him is a different story. When we created that character we knew where we were going with him. He was the only character recruited by the FBI, rather than enrolling himself. In episode seven when he runs out the door he says himself, he didn’t want this the way you guys did. He had money, and what was he doing there, and he was conflicted about it. Knowing that was within his character we always talked about how he was the kind of character that would put himself above the many.

How does that change the structure of the back 11?

Viewers will quickly learn if Elias was telling the truth. Regardless if he was working alone or not there is definitely more afoot than just than bank blowing up.

Does it ever become a question of how so many shady people were admitted to the program?

At some point we talked about how they had opened the gates wider than they had in the past and they let in more people. Also in they talked about how they had been vetted and how that worked. The system is a little bit broken and that’s what Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) and Liam (Josh Hopkins) have been working to fix. Everybody has secrets – I find it hard to believe that all of the FBI agents that exist don’t have secrets that they could have had walking into the doors, regardless if that secret is a small as telling a white lie. And of course probably not as big of secrets as our characters have.

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TVLINE | In the past, we meet Claire Haas and Hannah Wyland. Let’s deal with Hannah first. Is she really working in Ryan’s best interests?
Well, she is working in what she believes are Ryan’s best interests… One of the most fun things about that character is that she really lays everything out the way she sees it, and how you choose to take those is up to you… She is not a Machiavellian character.

TVLINE | Will we ever hear the song that Ryan wrote for Alex?
[Laughs] As a funny joke, Josh Hopkins said, “Oh my god, you have to write the song. Don’t tell Jake [McLaughlin],” so Hunter [Ellis], my assistant, who is a composer, wrote a song, but like on purpose bad, and attached it to the back of the script for release with the production draft. I didn’t tell Jake, so when he was reading the script and he got to the song, it was really funny.

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