Ride With Norman Reedus – Says First Guest On New Show is ‘a Big Surprise’

When AMC announced their new series, Ride With Norman Reedus, fans of The Walking Dead panicked in assumption that Reedus’ Daryl Dixon would not make it out of season six. They were assured that the new show has no connection to Daryl’sWalking Dead fate but it sounds like there is another surprise in store.

The show, which starts filming this week, will feature a special guest for each episode. Reedus and the guest will ride to different cities and meet different people throughout the series. Reedus is hyping his first guest, particular.

“We start on that this week,” says Reedus. “It’s our first ride. Our first guest is kind of a surprise, but it’s a big one, and I’m excited to get started. We have a bunch of cool places to go and cool people to meet. I’m excited to get out of here and go do that.”

Rather than doing each episode back-to-back, Reedus says there will be a bit of break between filming each episode. “We spread them out so that we can hit all these different locations and not be rushed and have a really good time, “ he says. “And it’s really thought out — where we’re going and who we’re meeting and the rides that we’re taking. So we spread them out so that we can do the best job possible.”

Source: more EW