Scandal: Season 5 – Scott Foley interview

TVLINE | In Jake’s final scene there, how did that house not blow up after he and Rowan walked inside? I thought for sure it was blowing up!

[Laughs] Yeah, it’s interesting the [camera] angles they chose to take. We did a couple takes where I stopped on the doorstep and sort of looked around as if to say “What am I doing?,” to acknowledge this “What the f–k?” moment. But I think the idea was that Jake had been searching for the source of Lazarus One, and Jake learned that Rowan was not it — and in so he was not all evil. That maybe the man that he knew pre-“the world blowing up,” before all the stuff with Olivia, the man who taught him, was still there. I think that, although Jake is hesitant, we all sort of want a mentor and a father figure, and Rowan has always been that to him. And it’s hard to get away from that.

TVLINE | I’d hate for him to rush into that, though.

Me too, man. I so respect him for saying what he did and telling her that she’s become the woman he father always wanted her to be. I think there’s a large portion of the audience that felt that way and no one had said it to her, so I was so proud of him for basically calling her out on years of s–t. And yes, it took this catalyst of letting her father out of jail, but it was something that needed to be said. So I think that he’s done for now.

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  • gail

    SF is following TG and trying to make sense of the nonsense. Jake and Liv spent much of S4 hunting down Rowan and trying to kill him, now they both suddenly adore him. There was no Lazurus 1 in S4 when they spent so much time trying to defeat Rowan– now all is right with the world and all of Rown’s previous crimes are forgiven? Sloppy, inconsistent writing which these actors have to try to explain and defend. I do agree it was time for Jake, or somebody, to read Liv for her selfish, immature, schizophrenic actions.