Suits Season 6 – Summer finale reaction: Show boss on Gina Torres’ future

On Wednesday night’s season finale for “Suits,” we saw what clearly was one of the most surprising endings of the entire series. We had a feeling that we could be losing Gina Torres at some point (she filmed a pilot elsewhere earlier this year, but it did not go to series), and that moment came at the conclusion of the Leonard Bailey trial. She decided to follow her own path, one that included going with Jeff Malone to Chicago and trying to start anew.

Ultimately, we got confirmation via a TVLine interview with showrunner Aaron Korsh that Torres is no longer a series regular on the USA show, but she will still guest star moving forward. As for the reasoning why, much of it had to do with her own decision to be located back in Los Angeles rather than Toronto, where the show films:

“Gina, towards the beginning of Season 5, had come to me and expressed a desire to be back in Los Angeles for personal reasons. We’re a family, on-screen and off, and when somebody needs something like that, we try to do our best to make it happen. So we discussed a little bit of a long-term game plan to allow her to move back there year-round and to have a better life. That’s what drove it. There was no creative [directive like], ‘We’ve got to get rid of Jessica.’ I would have her on the show forever, and she had expressed to me that if the show was shot in Los Angeles, she would have stayed on it as long as it went.”