Supergirl Episode 1.10 – Toyman Returns to National City and what’s ahead

Winn has made passing comments about his father being in jail, but all of those repressed feelings will come out full force when daddy dearest goes head to head with Winn’s superhero best friend. “We learn who my father is,” Jordan told during a recent visit to the Supergirl set. “He’s not a very good guy. He tries to rope me into his world again, which Winn wants nothing to do with.”

The unexpected family reunion will have big consequences for Winn, who has painstakingly tried to put a barrier between his family life and his life in National City with Kara (Melissa Benoist) and the Supergirl mission. “He’s completely tried to forget that part of his life, tuck it in a box and never talk about it again,” Jordan said. “The fact that he’s sort of forced to face it and deal with it [evokes] a lot of things that he’s been holding down. You kind of see he deals with everything with a little bit of humor, but that comes from a place of defense. We start to see that defense mechanism break down in a big way. Consequentially, it affects other things going on in his life at the same time.”

In fact, Winn’s interactions with his father won’t just be contained to this week’s hour. According to Jordan, those deep-seeded daddy issues will have a ripple effect across the rest of Season 1 and will largely explain why Winn is so quick to deliver a punchline.

“You start to see what’s behind the fun quippiness and why Winn is like that. Nobody’s that light-hearted all the time,” he teases. “It’s compensating for something. We really get to have an idea of why he’s always being the happy-go-lucky guy. It was a really challenging episode for me.”

But that doesn’t mean Winn is immune to the evil that runs in his family. Though Jordan admits it’s “going to take a lot for Winn to go [to the dark side]” and perhaps one day succeed his father as a next-gen Toyman, “it’s clearly in his blood. I can’t rule it out, because I don’t know what their big plans are for the whole series.”

Source: more TVGuide, TVLine